Pick-Up and Delivery

Our pick-up and delivery method is from Door to Door, we have the expertise to deliver from anywhere in the world to anywhere in India. We have been commissioned to deliver at difficult terrains within very complex and complicated countries here in India.

We consider quality as a strategic factor in our commitment and have defined the lines of actions and areas for improvement that will allow us achieve this goal:

1. Anticipation and identification of new needs of our customers,
2. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our organizations, process and system,
3. Supervision, evaluation and improvement of interaction with our suppliers
4. Training and qualification of personnel
5. Developing a better working environment,
6. Secure transactions
7. Skilled & Expertise will be handled the cargo.

In each country, our actions will be reviewed annually and declined by definition of specific objectives and corresponding action plans. This allows a better fit compared to the evolution of the market, our customers and our company.